First Time to Jakarta part 1.

Well actually, this is not my first time go to Jakarta. My first time went to Jakarta is on 2013 when I was 17. My first time went there because my Sister got into the final of Miss Indonesia 2013. I didn’t count this experience as the first time simple because I didn’t buy the ticket, didn’t pay for the hotels and foods.

So, this is a story of my really first time to Jakarta as an adult. As someone who pays everything, tickets, bus, grab, foods, and hotel. All those just for a 2 hours (well 4 hours if I have to count the traffic to get there from my hotel to test place) in a room with dozens of young, smart, energetic people, trying their best to pass the CPNS exam.

AirAsia Flight from Denpasar to Jakarta

This was not the first time I fly with AirAsia. I once fly with them to Jogjakarta. This will be in another story.

AirAsia is affordable, not really much delay also. That’s why I booked AirAsia. Their foods look delicious on their Booking App and cheaper too, only 35k IDR + free mineral water.

It just went as usual. Book a week before, early check-in via their app, and went to my given seat. The 31A. That’s great! I am not that type of person that will stand in a long queue just to get into the plane first. The flight not gonna leave you anyway, unless you aren’t there when the boarding time takes place.

What really great is I was alone there, all the 31A-C seats for me. So I can take my foot up the seat and have a great rest. But before that, I need to take photos first.

women alone in airplane seat
My neighbor. We got this seat maybe because we bought cheapest fare.
airplane seat
We don’t know each other until we start praying to the same god

After got the photos I want, it was time to sleep. But damn! Those beautiful flight attendants couldn’t shut their mouth. It was already late, I got 11pm flight. Worse part is the test was the day after. How the hell they still got that stamina for talking shits. How the hell they don’t have the urge to keep silence. They should know it was night flight and at weekdays.

Okay, I said to myself to let them talk for awhile hoping they will know and will stop talking. But damn, 15 minutes passed by and they still talk.

Finally, the 3rd time I ever pushed that waiter/waitress button (I don’t know what it is called) and that beautiful flight attendant came to me.

I said “Mba, could you please lower down your voices, please?” “What, I am sorry?” She replied. With higher tone, I said “Mba, please lower down your voices, you should know it is night flight. You could have listened the first time I said if your friends back there stop talking.” “Ah, sorry” She replied and then got back to the seat with her friends.

I know it was just those flight attendants I wasn’t so lucky enough to fly with them. Never had problem with others attendants even on others plane (Garuda Indonesia mostly)

This experience does be in line with the saying “beauty ain’t about the face and the body” Just the same as the food I bought on their App. See what I got below. Never ever judge the book by its cover.

airplane food
AirAsia in-flight’s food

The CPNS Test Experience

This was my first time. I failed on 2018 recruitment process at this step. I was in Timika, Papua while the test was held in Jakarta. The round-trip tickets Timika-Jakarta was just too expensive. To give a picture, with that money I could stay a week in Singapore, round trip tickets SG-Bali and have a great holiday there.

I was so naive to prepare only 1 hour for the trip from my hotel to the test place. Well, I checked google, grab, and gojek all said will only takes 45 mins. So you know.

Damn, the traffic was and is really bad! I couldn’t imagine people living there and have to face that traffic all days, all weeks, their entire live!

I always looked up at my phone to see the time. Will I get there on time? What happen if I get there late?

Thanks God, I actually arrived there with 30 minutes left before the test schedule. I still have 30 minutes, but I was the last for the registration. The security told me to run as I was the last one. The registration staff told me to be fast. I was just smiling and say thank you to those.

The registration staff asked me where I am from, and as always I reply with “I am from Papua”. They didn’t believe. I gave them my KTP and as always, “kok bisa putih?”. I replied “Bapak Saya hitam kok, Ibu Saya yang putih”

Registration complete. Got into the test place. No others things beside yourself. Even my 100idr – 200idr coins got confiscated.

It was really another experience. The test and everything. The questions are easy if you learn enough. I got 137 for TKP. That’s pretty good for me. While there are people who get like 150s, 160s. Like really? How could they spend the time to learn those crazy expensive CPNS books?

As I only took photos when I was on a plane, so the story ends here.

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