Pardon the stare. This is the only photo of me that shows my face. Kinda. My friend took this photo when we were trying to create a video for my job application at one of the State-Owned Company. In the end, I got rejected.

I’ve had enough of trying to get myself into a more sustainable jobs (Read: PNS/BUMN). If you know Indonesian culture, these kind of jobs have benefits. Even in this pandemic, I think they are still giving 100% salary. And yeah, most of Indonesian are always looking for these jobs.

Yeah I tried my best. But it seems like the rejection makes me stronger. Isn’t it? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. At least. From a small freelance/parttime projects (Read: Helping friend with their website, social media, photo, and design logo). To what I have now, can provide and survive in this pandemic.

Currently working with several retail stores in Bali in developing their e-commerce and brand exposure with end target is to drive sales through various digital channels.

Once became an fully Digital Marketing Manager for working 9-5 at the office. But damn, office life is hard. Decided to resign and continue working remotely.

My current side projects now are at @balithisweek @escapechasecreate and @tailoredforthechase. Go follow and let’s grow together.